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Maxim Integrated

- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.

Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.


Spotlight Solutions

Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solutions

Four solution pages that provides an overview and block diagrams of Maxim’s broad offering of analog, communications, and application specific IC’s. Learn More


Image of Maxim Integrated's Applications

Maxim’s featured products on medical, industrial, communications, consumer, motor control and sensing applications. Learn More

mgineer Blog

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A blog for innovative designers. Learn More

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Featured Products

Maxim Control Automation Thumbnail

Motor Control & Automation

Maxim Integrated offers a broad range of high-performance analog, robust communications, and innovative application-specific ICs to meet the evolving needs of designers in many industrial control and automation applications. Learn More

Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solutions

The Medical Solution Provider

The Medical Solution Provider -Providing solutions that add value to their customers' systems has been Maxim Integrated's mission.  Maxim is your go-to for value-added solutions of your next design of medical products. Learn More

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX38640 - nanoPower Buck Converter

MAX38640 nanoPower Buck Converter

Maxim Integrated's MAX38640 nanoPower buck DC-DC converter is a switching regulator that is ideal for portable, space-constrained consumer electronics.

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Image of Maxim's MAX3523 Low-Power Amplifier

MAX3523 Low-Power DOCSIS 3.1 Programmable-Gain Amplifier

Maxim's MAX3523 low-power upstream programmable gain amplifier transmits a combined output power of 68 dBmV over the RF bandwidth of 5 MHz to 204 MHz.

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Image of Maxim's MAX86150 Integrated PPG and ECG Biosensor Module for Mobile Devices

MAX86150 Integrated PPG and ECG Biosensor Module for Mobile Devices

Maxim’s MAX86150 biosensor module delivers both PPG and ECG measurements for health monitoring from a mobile, battery-powered device.

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Image of Maxim's MAX38888 Reversible Buck/Boost Regulator for Backup Power Applications

MAX38888 Reversible Buck/Boost Regulator for Backup Power Applications

Maxim’s MAX38888 supercap backup regulator is designed to efficiently transfer power between a supercap and a system supply rail.

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX6079 High Precision Voltage Reference

MAX6079 High-Precision Voltage Reference

Maxim’s MAX6079 offers very low noise and low-drift voltage reference in an 8-pin ceramic package.

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Image of Maxim's MAX77278/MAX776xx/MAX17270 SIMO PMICs

MAX77278/MAX776xx/MAX17270 SIMO PMICs

Maxim’s MAX77278/MAX776xx/MAX17270 SIMO PMICs reduce system size for compact, battery-operated consumer IoT products.

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Product Training Modules View All (50)

Image of Maxim's MAX34417ENE+ power accumulator

MAX34417 High Performance Power Accumulator

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to the MAX34417 high performance power accumulator including features and benefits, typical configurations, and design challenges it addresses

Image of Maxim's MAX98357-MAX98358

MAX98357 and MAX98358 Class D Amplifiers

Duration: 5 minutes

An introduction to Maxim's MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital amplifier, including its features and benefits, ease of use, target markets, and applications.

Image of Maxims MAX22505 USB Port Protector

MAX22505 High-Speed USB Port Protector

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation highlights this +/-40 V high-speed USB port protector for industrial applications.


MAX13054A CAN Transceiver

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will introduce the CAN transceivers as well as MAX13054A.

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Maxim SIMO Power Management ICs | Digi-Key Daily

MAX77278, MAX776xx, and MAX17270 single-inductor, multiple-output (SIMO) power-management ICs (PMICs) from Maxim provide three independent power rails from a single inductor.

Publish Date: 2019-02-14

Build Smarter Devices with the World’s Smallest Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU Microcontroller

The demand for our devices to get smarter by offering more data and insights is insatiable, but size, power, and cost constraints fight against the desire to build those smarter devices.

Publish Date: 2019-01-02

Maxim Himalaya uSLIC™ DC-DC Power Modules | Digi-Key Daily

Himalaya uSLIC family from Maxim has higher voltages for small industrial and consumer applications.

Publish Date: 2018-12-18

Maxim MAXREFDES101 | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim Integrated's MAXREFDES101 enables quick evaluation of Maxim’s portfolio of wearable products to significantly shorten the development time for custom fitness, health, and clinical applications.

Publish Date: 2018-11-07

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