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Image of Amphenol's Inline Flow-Through Fluid Temperature Sensors
Inline Flow-Through Fluid Temperature Sensors

Amphenol's fluid temperature sensors monitor the temperature of a fluid that passes through them.

Image of CUI Devices' Mini Slide Switches
Mini Slide Switches

CUI Devices’ mini slide switches are ideal for a variety of space-constrained consumer electronics, industrial controls, and test equipment applications.

Image of YAGEO's SPG (SPark Gap Protectors) Circuit Protection Components
SPG (Spark Gap Protectors) Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO's SPG has low junction capacitance (<2 pF), which can meet the quality requirement of application in telecommunication.

Image of NXP's PCF85263A CMOS Real-Time Clock
PCF85263A CMOS Real-Time Clock

NXP's PCF85263A CMOS is optimized for low power consumption and automatically switches to battery power on the loss of main power.

Image of YAGEO's MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors) Circuit Protection Components
MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors) Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO's MOV has fast response speeds to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.

Image of Yageo's ESD Circuit Protection Components
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO's ESD protection devices have excellent clamping capability and low capacitance, which can be used in high-speed data interface applications.

Image of YAGEO's GDT (Gas Discharge Tubes) Circuit Protection Components
GDT (Gas Discharge Tubes) Circuit Protection Components

The insulation resistance of YAGEO's GDT is over 1 GΩ, which achieves low degradation speed and high reliability.

Image of Norcomp's VULCON™ STEEL Circular Connectors
VULCON™ Steel Circular Connectors

NorComp VULCON™ steel circular connectors offer protection and corrosion resistance for extreme environments.

image of Analog Devices' ADA4099-1 Operational Amplifier
ADA4099-1 Operational Amplifier

Analog Devices' ADA4099-1 is a robust, precision, rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier with inputs that operate from −VS to +VS and beyond.

Image of TDK Lambda's i7A Non-Isolated DCDC Converter
i7A Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

TDK Lambda's i7A non-isolated DC/DC converters are suitable for applications including medical, communications, and more.

image of RadioCrafts' RC17xxHP-RC232 RF Modules
RC17xxHP-RC232 RF Modules

Radiocrafts' RC17xxHP-RC232 RF modules contain a controller with embedded RC232 software and are pre-certified for operation under European regulations.

Image of MPS' MP8770C Synchronous Step-Down Converter
MP8770C Synchronous Step-Down Converter

The MP8770C from MPS is a fully integrated, high-frequency, synchronous rectified step-down switch-mode converter with internal power MOSFETs.

Image of MPS' MP17xA Non-Isolated Offline Regulators
MP17xA Non-Isolated Offline Regulators

MPS' MP17xA series are primary-side regulators that provide accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without an optocoupler.

Image of MPS' MPQ18021HN-A MOSFET Driver
MPQ18021HN-A MOSFET Driver

MPS' MPQ18021HN-A's low-side and high-side driver channels are controlled independently and matched with a time delay of less than 5 ns.

Image of Seeed's Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino
Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino®

Seeed's Grove Beginner Kit is powered by Arduino® UNO compatible board (ATmega320p based Seeeduino Lotus) together with 10 pre-wired modules.