LED Solutions

LED General Illumination Solutions

Texas Instruments

This tutorial will discuss illumination applications suitable for LED solutions along with some market drivers for this technology.  Also discussed are LED lighting controllers and reference designs associated with LED illumination solutions.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TPS71550DCKR datasheet linkIC REG LINEAR 5V 50MA SC70-5TPS71550DCKRIC REG LINEAR 5V 50MA SC70-515420 - Immediate
TPS71550DCKR product page link
TLC272CDR datasheet linkIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOICTLC272CDRIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOIC9985 - Immediate
TLC272CDR product page link
TPS3808G33DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 3.3V SOT23-6TPS3808G33DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 3.3V SOT23-688508 - Immediate
TPS3808G33DBVR product page link
TPS3808G01DBVR product page link
TPS3808G09DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 0.9V SOT23-6TPS3808G09DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 0.9V SOT23-623570 - Immediate
TPS3808G09DBVR product page link
TPS3808G30DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 3.0V SOT23-6TPS3808G30DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 3.0V SOT23-623414 - Immediate
TPS3808G30DBVR product page link
TPS3808G18DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.8V SOT23-6TPS3808G18DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.8V SOT23-621694 - Immediate
TPS3808G18DBVR product page link
TPS71550QDCKRQ1 datasheet linkIC REG LINEAR 5V 50MA SC70-5TPS71550QDCKRQ1IC REG LINEAR 5V 50MA SC70-51752 - Immediate
TPS71550QDCKRQ1 product page link
TLC272IDR datasheet linkIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOICTLC272IDRIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOIC1187 - Immediate
TLC272IDR product page link
TPS3808G15DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.5V SOT23-6TPS3808G15DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.5V SOT23-63183 - Immediate
TPS3808G15DBVR product page link
TPS3808G50DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 5.0V SOT23-6TPS3808G50DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 5.0V SOT23-62245 - Immediate
TPS3808G50DBVR product page link
TPS3808G12DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.2V SOT23-6TPS3808G12DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.2V SOT23-61262 - Immediate
TPS3808G12DBVR product page link
TPS3808G15DRVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.5V 6SONTPS3808G15DRVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.5V 6SON1637 - Immediate
10001 - Factory Stock
TPS3808G15DRVR product page link
TPS3808G12DRVT datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.2V 6SONTPS3808G12DRVTIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 1.2V 6SON655 - Immediate
TPS3808G12DRVT product page link
TLC272ACDR datasheet linkIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOICTLC272ACDRIC OPAMP GP 2.2MHZ 8SOIC468 - Immediate
TLC272ACDR product page link
TPS3808G25DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 2.5V SOT23-6TPS3808G25DBVRIC VOLT SUPERVISOR 2.5V SOT23-60TPS3808G25DBVR product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-02