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- Bel and its groups are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics. Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack™ connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies, integrated analog front-end modules and custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro, surface-mount and PPTC resettable fuses) and interconnect devices (micro, circular and filtered D-Sub connectors, fiber optic connectors, passive jacks, plugs, radio frequency (RF), microwave connectors and high-speed cable assemblies). The company operates facilities around the world. Related product brands include: Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Signal Transformer, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

Power Solutions

Bel Power Solutions

Bel has one of the world’s largest power conversion and power management solutions portfolio for AC/DC & DC/DC applications. Learn More

Protection Solutions

Image of Bel's Circuit Protection Family

The Bel circuit protection portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of circuit protection products on the market today. Learn More

Connectivity Solutions

Bel Connectivity Solutions

Bel’s Connectivity brands offer a diverse line of high quality, high performance connectors, and cable assemblies. Learn More

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Image of Bel's Latest Products

Featured Products

High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' high frequency end launch connectors are used to transition microwave energy from coaxial to planar transmission line structures. Learn More

Image of Bel Fuse MagJack Integrated Connector Modules

MagJack Integrated Connector Modules

Bel Fuse's MagJack® integrated connector module (ICM) product-line is Bel Fuse and Stewart’s premier family of products for Ethernet networking applications, ranging from 10/100 BaseT to 10 GBaseT, to PoE(plus). Learn More

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Image of Stewart Connector's Harsh Environment USB 2.0 SealJack Connectors

Harsh Environment USB 2.0 SealJack™ Connectors

Stewart Connector’s SealJack™ provides a USB 2.0 connection for products that need to be outside a typical office environment.

Learn More
Image of Signal Transformer's Multi-Purpose High Efficiency International Transformers – MPI Series

Multi-Purpose High-Efficiency International Transformers – MPI Series

Signal Transformer's MPI transformers for improved performance over conventional 50 Hz/60 Hz transformers based on their design.

Learn More
Image of Signal Transformer's PC/DPC Series Transformers

PC Mount Miniature Low-Power Transformers - PC/DPC Series

Signal Transformer's circuit mount power transformers have a wide operating frequency range of 50 Hz and 500 Hz without degradation of the output voltage.

Learn More
Image of Signal Transformer's Inductor Design Kits

Inductor Design Kits

Signal Transformer Multipurpose, SMD, and HCTI design kits provide a variety of inductors to designers of DC/DC converter processing equipment.

Learn More
Image of Signal Transformer's Isolation More-4-LessTM International Transformers - M4L Series

Isolation More-4-Less™ International Transformers - M4L Series

Signal Transformer's More-4-Less™ M4L series international transformers provide more than 12 mm creepage distance between primary and secondary windings.

Learn More
Image of Bel Fuse MagJack® ICM Combination Connector

USB 2.0 Type A and RJ45 MagJack® ICM Combination Connectors

Bel Magnetic Solutions' MagJack® ICM connector supports a wide range of LAN communication speeds and has extended temperature ranges of -40°C to 85°C.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Cinch's Type N Connectors

Type N Connectors

Johnson® Type N Connectors meet or exceed the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-39012. All designs are based on 50 ohm system impedance per MIL-STD-348, and operate at frequencies up to 11 GHz minimum. Learn More

Image of Cinch's RJ45 D38999 Series

C-RJFTV Series

Bringing the combined technical expertise and engineering capabilities of Cinch’s rugged D38999 shell and Stewart’s high performance RJ45, the RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments. Learn More

Image Bel Fuse's Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

Provides overview of Bel Fuse Circuit Protection Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Linear Transformers

Linear Transformer At-A-Glance

Provides overview of Signal Linear Transformer Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Bel Power's OpenFrame Brochure

Open-Frame Product Selection Guide

An overview of Bel Power Solutions newest Open-Frame power solutions. Learn More

Image of Bel Power's Product Highlights

Product Highlights

A general overview of the intelligent, efficient and reliable power conversion devices provided by Bel Power Solutions. Learn More

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Image of Signal Transformer SMD Inductor

Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting

Duration: 5 minutes

An introduction to Signal's line of SMD Inductors for Lighting, including an overview of applications and markets, as well as safety and technology features incorporated into the series.


EcoTran Standard Series Transformers

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will provide an introduction to Signal's line of EcoTran Standard Series Transformers.

Image of Bel Power Solutions DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies

Duration: 10 minutes

DIN Rail power supplies are commonly specified for industry equipment, test and measurement equipment, wireless communications, renewable energy, instrumentation, robotics and automation applications.

Image of Bel Power Melcher AC-DC Power Converters

Railway and Harsh Environment Products

Duration: 10 minutes

MELCHER products are designed to meet the highest national and international standards for harsh environments

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Cinch Connectivity Johnson 5G Connectors and Adapters | Digi-Key Daily

Cinch Connectivity Johnson’s SMA, SMP, SMPM, 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, and 2.92 mm series are all designed to meet 5G needs. Each series offers specific features for RF and microwave connectivity solutions.

Publish Date: 2019-05-06

Cinch RJ45 D38999 Series | Digi-Key Daily

Cinch Connectivity提供RJ45 D38999 系列。RJ45 D38999系列结合Cinch坚固耐用的D38999外壳,以及Stewart高性能RJ45的技术优势和工程技术,可在恶劣环境中提供以太网连接。该连接器的设计独特,占地面积降至市场上最小尺寸17,可用于传输1G Base-T以太网信号。还有尺寸19的外壳可供选择。

Publish Date: 2019-03-27

Cinch RJ45 D38999 Series | Digi-Key Daily

Durch das Zusammenbringen der kombinierten technischen Fachkenntnis und Ingenieursleistung von Cinchs robustem D38999-Gehäuse und Stewarts leistungsstarkem RJ45, gewährleistet diese RJ45 D38999-Serie Ethernetkonnektivität unter rauen Umweltbedingunge

Publish Date: 2019-03-27

Cinch RJ45 D38999 Series | Digi-Key Daily

Cinch’s rugged D38999 shell and Stewart’s high performance RJ45, the RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments.

Publish Date: 2019-03-14

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